Architecture Inspirations

Contemporary residential architecture is a clear reflection of social and economic change. Leaving aside the familiar terraced homes found on so many housing estates, this architectural field is producing novel, innovative designs showing technical advances in construction technology applied to single family homes. This book offers a comprehensive selection of family residences from all over the world, original, personalised constructions which reflect ther owners’ requisities and preferences. In today’s home, anthing is possible.

The residences reviewed in this volume show how a very wide range of materials can be used to adapt costructions to their surroundings, and not vice-versa. It portraits original solutions and novel techniques for blending architecture with its entrourage or conversely creating a powerful visual and aesthetic contrast. Each of the homes in “Architecture Inspirations” are comprehensive projects where exterior and interior design carry equal weight. This book aims to present the latest trends in residential architecture and interior design, propose a variety of styles, and serve as a source of inspiration to readers.

On about 720 pages 75 houses will be presented in chapters where projects are grouped by geographical location as city and suburban, village, country, mountain or waterfront to allow a maximum clarity and so that readers may identify instantly with the works illustrated.